Hair Farm is innovative in so many ways! I especially love the way you model hair, and the render is so predictable and amazingly fast! The best hair solution ever! - Luc Begin

Finally, a hair system that is easy to use, reliable, and fast! - Rune Spaans

Fast, easy, and already production proven, period. Nothing else to say! - Andrea Gasparo Taxfreefilm

Hair Farm got me addicted in the very first sitting. Its robust set of tools helped me create the fanciest styles in a matter of minutes! - Anish Mohan

Hair Farm allows you to concentrate on your art work, and forget about unpredictable results and time loss! - Alexander Tomchuk

I like Hair Farm`s predictability. It does what you think it`s gonna do and it`s amazingly fast. I just won`t do hair with anything else! - Luc Begin

The CG community has been waiting for a solid hair solution for years. Hair Farm is that solution. - Lee Perry-Smith

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